Monday, 19 July 2010

Huxlow School event, a change

On 23rd June 2010 approximately 90 students at Huxlow Science School, Northamptonshire were involved with some of the material from the Junkbot project. This was different to the other schools that took part for two reasons.

First they were only able to to take part in a small part of the work from the project, namely building a 'robot' from junk that moved. It was an opportunity to trial some 'bite-sized' 1 hour 30 minutes chunks of the project.

The second and the most exciting part of the day for me was the school created two new sessions of their own based on the junkbot idea, which indicates well for the idea that this project has the potential to be sustatainable. The new ideas included making a model of a larger robot models from junk and producing a presentation on robotics.

I wish to thank the staff and students at Huxlow School who took part and I hope they won't mind if I use their ideas to make changes to the project.