Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dad’s Robot Lab!

Taken from a blog written at Irchester Primary School about a robot activity. For more details about Lab_13 go to:

Dad’s Robot Lab!

Hi! This is Morgan and Emily. Our Dads come to Dads Club in Lab_13.
Last week, we had some visitors! They demonstrated how all of the robots worked. There were some amazing remote controlled robots and a Lego robot. The name of the person who worked with all of the extraordinary robots was Scott Turner. We were amazed by the robots. Thank you for coming.
 The Lego robot could be controlled by the computer. The other robot could do handstands, roly-polys and cartwheels. Some were doing gymnastics, walking, bowing and dancing. The Lego robot just went all over the place!

Emily’s stepdad, Robin, said “It was fantastic – I want a robot for Christmas.”Unfortunately they are £800! And Kris, Kieran’s dad said “Thanks for organising the robot lab … a nice little event, an amazing robot!” 

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