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Overview: Questions asked and hopefully answered

The aim of this project is to introduce concepts of environmental sustainability, engineering and computing. In a fun and educational project that uses the STEM subjects. The project is delivered by university staff and students going into schools to provide guidance and support in the production of the robots.
This project sets out to engage pupils with a set of activities over 12 hours that provides an insight into STEM subjects. The workshops will be structured in the following way: Activity 1 Introduction to waste management, its impact, recycling and reuse. An introduction to the idea of making robots from rubbish. Activity 2 Involves some problem-solving exercises (approx. ½ hour), and then in groups investigate adding ‘junk’ with a new electrical components such as batteries and motors to use vibrations to move the robots. Activity 3 To apply some of the ideas on problem solving and use of materials developed previously to build a little junk-clearing robot. ·Lego based robots are pro…