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See the new JunkBot interface for Primary Education

The aim of the project is to give students in Primary Education an introduction to programming principles and basic programming language structure via physical feedback, in the shape of robotics. To do this, research and development into available methods currently available toke place, possibilities to do with JunkBot programming such as JunkBots using Scratch and other potential languages were explored and developed upon.

History of JunkBots
The JunkBot concept originally comes from the University of Northampton JunkBots Project[1]. The aim of the concept is to introduce the concept of Environmental Sustainability through the use of recycling “junk” to create the JunkBots and introduce computing and engineering to students. JunkBots were selected for this project due to several factors. Firstly, they are cost effective ways of delivering fun, creative ways of teaching computing and engineering principles to young students. JunkBots also have scope to be flexible, in terms of creativi…