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Junkbot videos - Hayley's work

A collection of videos from Hayley Stevenson's junkbots work including insect-like robots

And here is what it drew:
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Junkbots and lego robots combined:  taken from:

Junkbots video

A Video montage of Hayley Stevenson's work on the Junkbots can be found at see

PicassoBot the drawing junkbot

Taken from the blog:

Assembly Instructions for the PicassoBot

 Using the template provided, cut out a BASEPLATE for your JunkBot. Place the template on the thick card, and cut out using a craft knife. Be careful not to cut anything that is under the card. Depending on the type of card, you made need to make 2 BASEPLATE’s and stick them together to increase the strength.If you wish, can now decorate your baseplate, but remember that the holes need to be accessible after decorations!Now you need to make the legs. Take 3 of your straws, and place then together, lengthways to make a thicker leg. The end of the straws should look like a triangle. Next, extend the straws to their fullest possible length, and bend the ridged part to make a 45degree angle. Once you have done this, secure the straws together using a strip of tape at the top of the straws.Now, look at the other end of the straws, the one that is …

waste inspires students

A recent article in the Northampton Herald and Post " How a university is using waste as tool to inspire students " by Lawrence John discusses the Junkbots project. 
"FUNNY looking robots called junkbots could be the key to encouraging more children across the county to become engineers, computer programmers or scientists.
One force which is driving this idea forward is the University of Northampton.
For the past few years, staff from its science and technology department have been going out to primary and secondary schools to spread the word that science is fun. By working with schools, the university hopes to show pupils a different side to computing and hopefully raise their interest in what they can achieve" Lawrence John

For the whole article click here.