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Controlling 'junk' robot - three options

Three approaches to control it will be considered here:
- via Raspberry Pi;
- via Micro:Bit
-via Crumble controller

1. Raspberry Pi based

In this Raspberry Pi based Junkbot design a combination of Python and Pimoroni's Explorer HAT PRO are used to control it. Explorer HAT Pro is a good choice, it can control two motors with a library provided to simplify the programming. For this the Junkbot was the one shown above: a drinks can, pen, LEGO bits, motor and broken propellor.

Before the Explorer HAT can be used the library needs to be installed via the Terminal and the instructions below

curl | bash
Python code to control the junkbot is shown below.

import explorerhat from time import sleep
def spin1(duration):     sleep(duration)
def spin2(duration):     sleep(duration)

2. Micro:bit
what about the recently released Micro:Bits; can …