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Crumbly Junk robot

Guest Blogger Nathaniel Roberts, Nuffield Research Placement Student working at the University of Northampton. Nuffield Research Placement scheme provides students in their first year of a post16 course to work with STEM professionals

Toilet Roll Junkbot Nathaniel Roberts

Cut a slit in a toilet roll. Cut another toilet roll in half, then arrange the pieces in a T. Feed the bottom of the T into the slit, and tape together.
Cut two lines into the edge, and do the same on the opposite side of the circle. Copy this for the other side of the tube. These geared motors from the Camjam EduKit 3 should fit into those gaps.
Stick a battery pack to the back, and use crocodile clips to wire it all up to a crumble. The battery pack can connect to the + and - on either side at the top of the crumble, and the motors connect to the + and - of their respective sides of the crumble.

Using a Micro USB to USB cable, the crumble can be plugged into a…

Controlling 'junk' robot - three options

Three approaches to control it will be considered here:
- via Raspberry Pi;
- via Micro:Bit
-via Crumble controller

1. Raspberry Pi based

In this Raspberry Pi based Junkbot design a combination of Python and Pimoroni's Explorer HAT PRO are used to control it. Explorer HAT Pro is a good choice, it can control two motors with a library provided to simplify the programming. For this the Junkbot was the one shown above: a drinks can, pen, LEGO bits, motor and broken propellor.

Before the Explorer HAT can be used the library needs to be installed via the Terminal and the instructions below

curl | bash
Python code to control the junkbot is shown below.

import explorerhat from time import sleep
def spin1(duration):     sleep(duration)
def spin2(duration):     sleep(duration)

2. Micro:bit
what about the recently released Micro:Bits; can …

The Page Turning Librarian: 10 Steps to Make a Doodlebot

The Page Turning Librarian: 10 Steps to Make a Doodlebot: Creating a doodlebot is one of my student's favorite makerspace activities.  A doodlebot is a robot that is made from every day mater...

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