Friday, 24 January 2014


Recently a post on a site Primary Robots & Coding curated by Steve Thomas (His twitter feed is a great resource @stephendathomas) caught my attention - Art "Robot" ( ). Essentially a similar idea, but it many ways a more sophisticated idea, than my drawing bots.

The Art "Robot" takes an idea similar to the drawing bots of using junk to make drawing 'robot'; then kicks it up a gear. The use of the ice-lolly stick push it further into the area of reusing materials (instead of my broken propellors - I wish I had thought of the lolly sticks). The cork for adding weight to a light motor is clever.

Have a look at  for more details of how they built theirs.

Art Robots are not just being made from 'junk' another curated post from Primary Robots & Coding has Lego and Scratch being used to make drawing robots.

I plan to incorporate some of the ideas from Art "Robot" in the plans for the next improvements in the drawing bots plans. So watch this space.

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